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Wisdom Teeth/Third Molar Removal

The purpose of removing wisdom teeth or third molars is either to prevent problems associated with the eruption or non-eruption of wisdom teeth, or treating infections associated with retained wisdom teeth.

The ideal time to evaluate the elective removal of wisdom teeth is at an early stage of third molar development before the roots have formed. Unfortunately, age does not correspond well to root formation so a periodic screening exam with a panoramic x-ray is recommended around the age of 15 to evaluate wisdom tooth root formation.

Prevention of a possible infection is always much easier to treat rather than an active dental infection. Pericornitis, infection and pain involving the gum tissue around posterior or molar teeth, often occurs when the wisdom tooth has partially erupted through the gum tissue and allows a passageway for bacteria to enter inside. Removal of the wisdom tooth is often the recommended treatment.

Posterior third molars are also difficult to keep clean and free from decay. If proper oral hygiene is not maintained, inflamed and infected gum tissue can often result. Unpleasant taste or smell in the mouth is often a symptom of potential dental problems. If you should experience any of these symptoms you should contact your dentist and discuss what options are available.

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Children Dentistry

The oral health needs of children are as different as their lifestyle and food habits. The teeth and gums of children are more prone to dental infection. Therefore it becomes necessary to take special care to treat children’s dental problems. Dental professionals who treat children firstly make them feel comfortable. A good experience at the dental office can motivate children towards taking care of their oral health as they grow up. Dentists who are specialized in treating children design their dental office in such a way that it looks very friendly to the young ones. Just like adults, children should be brought to dental office at least once in 6 months for a routine dental check up. Dental professionals follow a protocol to examine the oral health of children. Parents are informed about healthy practices and things that they should avoid to improve the oral health of the child.

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Mouth Guards

Mouth guards are of various types depending on the purpose they are recommended for in dentistry. There are oral appliances used to prevent the effects of sleep apnea and help patients get better sleep. There are mouth guards that protect teeth from the effects of Bruxism. It is one of the major problems that can cause tooth wear. Since the condition mostly occurs when the patient is asleep, dentists recommend use of mouth guards to protect teeth. Mouth guards are also recommended as a solution for TMJ problems. They relieve the patient’s facial and jaw muscles.

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Laser Gum Therapy — LANAP

Lasers have been effectively used in dentistry for treating various problems. One of the key areas where they work well is in treatment of gum diseases. Patients who are suffering from gum infection can be treated through LANAP. The treatment is painless, safe and very effective. Gums heal quickly after the treatment. It takes less time for completion as compared to traditional gum surgery. LANAP is FDA approved and is gaining popularity ever since its inception.

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Moderate Sedation/Nitrous Oxide

Dental treatment or a routine dental checkup may not be the most pleasant experience to many people. Anxiety and stress are two common feelings that some people get when they visit the dentist. To tackle this problem dentists recommend use of sedatives which help patients relax during the treatment. There are different kinds of sedatives that can be used for managing anxiety of patients. Oral sedative, nitrous oxide sedation, IV sedation are three common types of sedatives. A particular sedative is chosen based on the anxiety level of each patient. Dental team makes sure to monitor vital physical features like respiration, pulse rate and blood pressure level of the patient during the treatment to ensure safety.

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Tongue Tied Infants

Our tongue is connected to the oral cavity through a membrane named lingual frenulum. Sometimes in babies this membrane is short leading to a problem which is medically termed as ankyloglossia or commonly called as tongue tie. Dental professionals can treat this condition by cutting frenulum. There are two main ways in which this is performed namely labial and lingual frenectomy. Ankyloglossia can lead to a number of problems in babies. It becomes difficult for the child to lift the tongue. Failure to adequately latch and maintain suction while nursing, along with clicking noises, are some common signs of the infant's inability to maintain negative pressure.

Dentists recommend the procedure of cutting the frenulum to free the baby’s tongue. It is a painless procedure which can be performed before the baby is 6 months old. This is beneficial for the child and helps the mother nurse her son or daughter better.

Dr. Kendall Wood is referred to by local pediatricians to perform this procedure. This procedure is provided as a complimentary free service to the members of the community.

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The purpose of removing wisdom teeth or third molars is either to prevent problems...

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