Everything You Should Know About Toothache and How to Solve It

Everything You Should Know About Toothache and How to Solve It

Posted by COMPLETE DENTAL HEALTH on Aug 9 2021, 11:12 PM

Everything You Should Know About Toothache and How to Solve It

Almost every person on earth has felt a toothache at some point in their life. A toothache is a pain or soreness around the teeth and jaws. 

At Albany Dental Health in Albany, Oregon, Dr. Kendall S. Wood, DDS, and Dr. Mathew C. Schnapper, DMD, treat people with toothache with medication and treatments to relieve pain. This blog addresses the many causes of toothache and how to treat them.

What Causes Toothache and How to Treat Them?

There are several causes of toothache. Some of them include:

Tooth decay 

Tooth decay is the formation of tiny holes in your teeth due to damage to a tooth’s surface. Your mouth contains a sticky substance called plaque that forms on the teeth and feeds on the sugar from the food and drinks you consume. Over time, they turn into acids and attack the topmost layer of your teeth called the enamel.

  • Treatment

Treating tooth decay requires a medical diagnosis first. Based on your medical history and the root cause of the toothache, our dentists may suggest treatments like a root canal, tooth extraction, fluoride treatment, crowns, and fillings.

Gum disease

Also known as periodontitis, gum disease is a condition that damages the soft tissue called gingiva around your teeth. When left untreated, gum disease can lead to bone loss and can cause a severe toothache. 

  • Treatment

There are several surgical and non-surgical options to treat gum disease. 

Surgical options include bone graft, soft tissue graft, pocket reduction surgery, and using tissue regeneration surgery. Non-surgical surgery includes root planing, scaling, and medication.

Tooth abscess

A tooth abscess is a formation of pus caused by a bacterial infection. When you have an abscessed tooth, you feel a sharp, severe, and throbbing toothache.

  • Treatment

Treating tooth abscess involves getting rid of the infection. Some ways include draining the pus via an incision, tooth extraction, performing a root canal, and taking antibiotics.

Cracked or broken tooth

A cracked or broken tooth is caused by biting into a hard substance or a sports-related accident.

  • Treatment

Treating a cracked or broken tooth depends on the extent of the damage. Fillings, crowns, extraction, root canal, and dental implants are viable treatment options for a cracked tooth.

Sensitive Tooth

A sensitive tooth is characterized by sharp sensations when you drink or eat hot, cold, or sweet food or beverages. The sensitivity occurs due to exposed dentin - the tissue located under the enamel and the cementum.

  • Treatment

Using a soft-bristled toothbrush, changing to a stronger toothpaste, and using non-alcoholic mouthwash can relieve mild cases of a sensitive tooth. Gum graft for receding gums and using mouthguards are a few medical treatment options.

Tips to Prevent Toothache

Here are a few things you can do to prevent a toothache from occurring:

  • Brush twice a day 
  • Floss at least once a day
  • Visit our dentists at least twice a year.

Schedule a consultation with Dr. Wood, DDS, and Dr. Schnapper, DMD, to get your toothache resolved immediately. Call (541) 757-1829, request an appointment online or visit our office at 869 NW 23rd Street, Albany, OR 97330 for help.

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