Technology in the dental field is ever-changing and Dr. Kendall Wood and Dr. Matthew Schapper enjoy learning how to integrate state-of-the-art equipment into their practice. Utilizing the latest advancements in dentistry allows Dr. Kendall Wood and Dr. Matthew Schapper to treat patients with less pain and in fewer visits which equals less time in the dental chair and a more comfortable experience from start to finish.

Dr. Kendall Wood and Dr. Matthew Schapper and their team spend many hours each year training and taking advanced courses to ensure they deliver the best care safely. Employing the latest technology helps to create consistent results. You'll find that modern dental care with Complete Dental Health leaves you smiling.

We also provide additional services including Cerec, Cone Beam, CBT and Sedation dentistry in our dental practice at the Corvallis location.

At Complete Dental Health in Albany and Dental Health PC in Corvallis you'll discover dental care at its highest level. You will receive the advantage of technology, advanced training, and compassionate service blended perfectly together.

Solea Laser

Many patients postpone dentist appointments or avoid them altogether because of dental phobias. These fears can be because of being nervous about the use of dental instruments that make a loud, drill-like sound or a fear of needles. A solution for all those who fear visiting a dentist, is that we offer Solea dental laser treatment. The laser can be used for various procedures which include cavity treatment. Solea is one of the most advanced and highly recommended lasers used in dentistry. This device was created to minimize discomfort, increase treatment efficiency, and improve the patient experience. 

The solea dental laser, the first CO2 dental laser system cleared by the FDA for hard and soft tissue procedures, offers a lot of benefits. In order to produce a more pleasant experience for patients, the solea laser is designed to replace the use of dental drills and other handheld devices used during the procedures of removing filling cavities of teeth, bone and gum tissues.

Many people have a fear of needles when visiting a dentist. With the Solea laser routine dental procedures like fillings can be done without injecting anesthesia.

Intra-Oral Camera

The use of Intra-oral imaging gives a detailed view of your mouth. It is easier for the dentist to explain your treatment or what is needed when you can see a picture.

In fact, even small cracks that often lead to broken teeth appear vividly, with the click of a button. We can explain the need for treatment more clearly, by showing you what we see and with greater detail.

As an added benefit, dental insurance benefits frequently pay easier with the visual proof of captured records.

Digital X-ray

Digital sensors capture detailed x-ray images with a fraction of the exposure found in traditional film x-rays.

Technological advancements in x-ray technology provide multiple benefits from safety to improved treatment results.

  • Safety - Although traditional dental films require minimal radiation for image development, our digital x-ray system provides unsurpassed safety with up to 90% reduction of radiation compared to most older film-based systems.
  • Time Savings – Images captured instantly with a digital sensor lessen the time you spend in the dental chair.
  • Better Outcomes - Improved image clarity increases Dr. Wood and Dr. Schapper's ability to diagnose and treat conditions. Software tools bring detailed magnification and detection tools into focus.

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