The benefits of getting your wisdom teeth removed

The benefits of getting your wisdom teeth removed

Posted by Complete Dental Health on Nov 18 2020, 06:45 AM

The benefits of getting your wisdom teeth removed

Wisdom teeth are either the second or final pair of adult teeth an individual develops during the late teenage years or early adulthood. Wisdom teeth removals are now common in dentistry, and it is a simple procedure.  

If you have frequent pain associated with wisdom teeth, it is better to have them removed. 

Problems associated with Wisdom Teeth

Though wisdom teeth removals are common, some people can go their whole lives without having their wisdom teeth removed. The common reasons for wisdom teeth removal are infection, nerve pain, and damage to surrounding teeth. Whatever the reason, the removal of wisdom teeth often enhances your oral health.

Wisdom teeth can cause multiple problems, including:

  • Growing in at an odd angle, thus pushing towards the molars in front of them or toward the inside or outside of the mouth.
  • Becoming impacted or trapped by gum tissue or the jawbone, which can be painful.
  • The partial eruption can leave an opening around the tooth for bacteria to get in below the gums, causing infections.
  • Crowding other teeth causing misalignments.

Why remove wisdom teeth?

Here are the important benefits that are associated with wisdom teeth removal. 

Less crowding means fewer orthodontic problems.

The presence of wisdom teeth in the mouth can overcrowd your dentition, causing damage to adjacent molars, causing alignment issues over time, as other teeth are slowly pushed out of the way. Thus, if the wisdom teeth are removed, the likelihood that you will need braces or corrective surgery to address teeth misalignment is lessened. 

Prevent damage to nearby teeth

The presence of wisdom teeth can create pressure that can weaken the roots of nearby teeth or grind away their enamel, thus leaving neighboring teeth vulnerable to cavities and bone loss. The cleaning process of wisdom teeth is also not very easy as they are very difficult to reach; this may lead to cavities in the future. So, wisdom teeth removal can spare you the need for uncomfortable root canals and fillings in the future.

Decrease the risk of oral diseases

Impacted wisdom teeth can also result in dental cavities and various forms of gum diseases. One frequent consequence of impacted wisdom teeth is severe inflammation of the gums that can even affect nerves or enter the bloodstream if not treated on time. 

Lessen orofacial pain

The removal of wisdom teeth also has the added benefit of easing discomfort. Alleviated pressure, lessened gum sensitivity, and decreased tooth sensitivity are all made possible by the removal of the wisdom teeth. Thus, you can get relieved from orofacial pain and chronic headaches that may be caused due to the pressure from wisdom teeth. 

Prevent cysts, tumors, and jaw damage

Suppose you have an impacted wisdom tooth that is not cleaned well; they can be breeding grounds for bacteria and can lead to cysts or tumors that invade the jawbone and cause serious joint pain in your temporomandibular joint. 

Head off wisdom tooth problems today. Do not wait to have pain or problems in your wisdom teeth to make a decision. Visit us and get your wisdom teeth removed. 

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